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Our main objective is to empower and encourage the youth to get into entrepreneurship. Retrenchments are happening daily in South Africa and the rate of unemployment is at a staggering high. We want to actively inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into a reality.

We believe that by packaging our products, we allow entrepreneurs to get a lot done in a timely fashion. We also immerse ourselves in our client’s businesses and keep consistent contact to ensure that their needs are met at every stage

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The Person Behind Olebelle Digital

The story of Olebelle Digital is one of resilience, persistence and consistency. When Maila Lebelo started this business in 2016, all he had at his disposal was a blackberry with unlimited internet. Through tons of research, he was able to land himself a job as a salesperson for a hosting company that was looking for businesses to host their websites with them. 

 This took him on a journey as he engaged with entrepreneurs in different fields, educating them about the importance of having an online presence. Over the years, he realized that the websites the company would create were dissatisfactory. 

 He then took on a digital marketing course to improve his skills, and this is where he learnt how to build websites, email marketing campaigns, social media management and more. Today, he has helped over 50 small to medium businesses to design their websites, admin work, social media and branding. 

Maila can tap into the customer’s mind and create what they would fit their business needs. Because he’s worked with so many different niches, he understands the requirements of every new client. He capitalizes on their strengths to help them build successful companies. 

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We Continue To Grow our SKILLS

Our skills include social media management and ads, office support, digital marketing and branding, this mix makes for a successful and lucrative business. An online presence can triple your revenue. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are ready to position themselves and stand out in the competitive market. 

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Our Vision

Our vision is to see more individuals starting their businesses and contributing positively to the economy of South Africa. We want to reduce the high rate of unemployment by creating companies that can hire people. 

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Our Values 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to equip entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills and tools they need to create and grow their businesses. We do this by understanding the needs of our clients thus providing them with quality service that will see their businesses soaring. 

Our Team

Our team is young and vibrant who all share the same passion for creating content. We house brilliant content creators, designers and admin staff. Our staff is strictly youth as we want to maintain the modern standards of digital marketing and branding. 

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